The MRA R&D Grant program provides funds for research, development and testing of SAR systems and equipment. It is intended to promote better understanding of mountain rescue systems and technology.

The Grant Committee consists ofLoad Cell

  • Jeff Sharp, Tacoma MRU, (chair)
  • Tom Moyer
  • Werner Hueber, China Lake MRG
  • Ken Zafren, Alaska MR
  • Art Fortini, Sierra Madre SAR
  • John Sohl, Weber County SAR

Grant proposals are accepted for amounts up to $3,000 and are due by April 30th. If the grant committee has unspent funds, applications for those funds can be submitted at any time during the year. Proposals may be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Proposals will be evaluated by the grant committee on the following criteria:

  • Load CellQualification of principal participants
  • Applicability to mountain SAR problems and issues
  • New and innovative or continuing research and development and testing of SAR systems and equipment.
  • Justifiable costs for equipment and material
  • Knowledge of related work and literature

Please see more details on grant eligibility and requirements in the grant policy document (pdf format).

The grant committee also has a load cell and associated data acquisition electronics available to lend. Applications to use the load cell may be separate or combined with applications for funding. Load cell proposals are also due by April 30th.