Online Leaning Training Programs Available

 Helicopters in Search and Rescue, Basic Level 

(currently down for maintenance)

    Training Programs Available in PDF Format 
  Accidents Cover Image Accidents in Mountain Rescue Operations
  Helicopters Cover Image Helicopters in Search and Rescue, Basic Level
  Helicopters 2 Cover Image Helicopters in Search and Rescue, Intermediate Level
  helo nps National SAR Academy Helicopter Rescue Techniques Training Manual
  National Park Service Technical Rescue Handbook (offline)
  National Park Service Swiftwater Rescue Manual (offline)
  alaska State of Alaska Cold Injuries Guidelines
  Working with Media Cover Image Working with the Media in Search and Rescue
  Risks Cover Image Risks in Mountain Rescue Operations
  SAR for Leaders Cover Image SAR for Outdoor Leaders
  Situational Awareness Cover Image Situational Awareness in Search and Rescue Operations
    High Performance Operations
    Triage and Dispatch for SAR Managers and Telecommunications
    Field Team Leadership
    MRA 105.1 National Personnel Policy Guidelines
(Powerpoint - short version)
    MRA 105.1 National Personnel Policy Guidelines
(Powerpoint - longer version)


Rescue Team Media Samples

Some of these are provided in both .pdf and Word format so they can be customized for individual teams.

Rescue Team SamplesPDF FileWord File
Media Team Fact Sheet PDF File  
Media Search Fact Sheet PDF File  
Media Avalanche Fact Sheet PDF File  
Charging for Rescue PDF File Word File
Sample Press Release PDF File Word File
"Big Mission" Press Release   Word File

IKAR "Time is Life" Avalanche Training PowerPoint

Dale Atkin's review... "It is a comprehensive training DVD for avalanche medical and rescue responses aimed at all level of rescuers, from the first aider to the physician. The DVD is self running (stand alone, PC, and Mac), and includes a PowerPoint presentation, and an interactive test and evaluation."


For further information on MRA educational programs contact:

Charley Shimanski
MRA Education Director